A walking tour that explores the history of Soho clubland from the 1920s up until the wag closed in 2001. Soho has always been a youth culture petri dish and every musical and fashion movement of the 20th Century gestated there. Dixieland Jazz or syncopated dance music ruled in the 1920s/30s at The 43 Club and The Gargoyle which turned into Modern Jazz after WW2 and which spawned the original Mods who hung out at Club Eleven and Ronnie Scotts while the traditionalists went to The 100 Club and Cy Lauries. British Rock n Roll started in Old Compton Street and by the 1960s Mod had mutated into kids in sharp suits listening to R&B and Soul in places like The Flamingo and The Scene. Some Mods discovered Bluebeat and Ska and started going to West Indian clubs such as The Roaring Twenties while others embraced the summer of love vibe and went to clubs like Happening 44. The Punks went to Club Louise and disillusioned punks started a Bowie night in the same building the Gargoyle used to be in which led to New Romantic scene, the same venue hosted everything from Gaz's Rocking Blues, The Batcave, Language Lab and many more. We also explore the seedier side of Soho clubland such as Murrays Cabaret Club where Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies worked, Peter Rachman's mod club and a notorious Kray Twins nightclub. Soho as a Gay village is nothing new and we also explore nightspots such as The Shim Sham Club and Le Duce. Something for everyone.
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