Since the arrest of a "Lewd Woman" in Soho Fields for a "Breach of the peace" in 1641 Soho has been synonymous with vice and its constant companion crime.
Soho's gangland heyday was the 1920s to the 1970s and is explored in detail on this two hour tour. Think drug taking in nightclubs is a recent phenomenon? Think again! It was all going on in the 1920s.The "SuperStar" criminals are all here, The Krays, The Richardsons, "Mad" Frankie Fraser and some you might not know, The Sabinis, The Whites, Jack "Spot" Comer, Billy Hill, Albert "Italian Jock" Dimes and Ronnie Knight.
The people that made the real money were the pornographers and pimps, The Messinas, Bernie Silver, Jimmy Humphries and Paul Raymond all helped along by corrupt Metropolitan Police officers and an eager paying public.
Meet at Goodge Street Statio. The tour takes two hours, less than half of that is spent walking, and goes ahead whatever the weather.
See you there.