Beneath the gentrification of North Kensington and the image portrayed in the films of Hugh Grant lies a much more interesting story; the areas vibrant past beats any kind of fiction. From the early 50s this was London's Bohemian quarter, West Indian & Irish immigrants and the indigenous working class of Notting Dale mixed with artists, musicians and writers, all attracted by cheap rents and the freedoms that a neglected area provided. Slummers would use the local clubs and Shebeens for vicarious thrills
In 1958 there were race riots and Oswald Moseley attempted a political comeback. All this led to the founding of the famous Notting Hill carnival. In the 60s and 70s the Portobello Road became London's answer to San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury as the hippy counterculture moved in.
The end of the 70s saw the punk movement gain a foothold in the area
More recent times have seen the area gentrified and now few people can afford to live there but the area still holds onto its roots with a busy street market, the carnival lives on, Notting Hill still attracts countless visitors all year round. Race Riots, Rent Racketeers, Slums, Iconic tower blocks, Hawkwind, Marley, The Beatles film locations, The Front Line, Hippies, Governments brought to their knees, The Clash and of course the Westway that slashes through the manor. This tour has it all and more!
The Tour lasts two hours, less than half of that is spent walking, and goes ahead whatever the weather.Just turn up on the day or book now.
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